Thanks for visiting my new blog! I am super excited to re enter the world of blogging and hope to be able to keep it updated of what is going on in our lives! I started a blog shortly after Mills passed away and it was really more of a place healing for me and sharing what God was teaching us through our heartbreak. Then, life got super busy and I didnt have the time to keep it updated. I decided to start a NEW blog and archive all those posts about Mills and this time capture our families journey and what God is teaching me, or rather what is causing me to fall flat on my face these days!:)

It has never been easy to put my heart and emotions out for others to see. I have come so far in that but still have a long way to go. What blesses me most is a vulnerable heart and spirit. That is where true healing begins. It doesn’t come natural for me, so I know when God is leading me to put myself out there like this, It is scary, but He always blesses me when I do. I promise to do my best to make this not another “perfect family” blog roll. Because believe me, we are far from perfect.  We are real believers that struggle everyday to balance all of life’s busy demands. God has shown our family so much grace and mercy and I want Him to get all the glory for what He is doing in our lives. Because no matter what, HE is Good and HE can be trusted.

Here is a little family update…..

Our sweet Tate started Kindergarten this year. He turned 6 years old in September and has the most precious, tender heart. He is doing so well in kindergarten, adores his teacher and loves his school. He is playing soccer and scored his first goal a few weeks ago! He loves, and I mean loves, tractors, machines, trucks, and lionel trains. He knows them all like the back of his hand. He studies about them in books and magazines, it is so cute. He is such a joy and his tender heart makes me melt.

Jon Walt turned 3 in March and is going to school a few days a week. He loves school and his friends. He is my “spirited” child and never gives us a dull moment for sure. He loves big and has such a compassionate heart. He challenges us with his energy and his love for potty words!:-) He is into superheros, but prefers Batman. He often time thinks he is Batman and flies off of furniture. He is our little comedian and always keeps us laughing.  His concern for others and his love and tenderness with babies and animals is the sweetest thing in the world.

 Here are a few recent pics…..

We had a fantastic family beach trip this summer. The boys are at the most fun ages

Tate playing soccer..

Jon Walt aka “Batman”

Carriage Ride on a recent trip to Memphis

This pretty much sums up their personalities

 Love my sweet family! Blessings! 


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