The past few months have been full of a lot of fun around here! From Halloween to Thanksgiving and everything in between…it doesn’t seemed like we have stopped at all! As we have quickly entered the Christmas Season….it seems one word keeps coming in my mind….Gratefulness. I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for so many reasons over the past few months. Just seeing God’s work in my life reminds me of His promise, and it is such a beautiful thing for me to acknowledge. As I look over the past few years and where He has brought me…it makes me so thankful. I love that He continues to reveal things to me in His timing. It seems like I have had an awful lot of “A Ha” Moments lately. Some of them pretty painful, but never the less moving me in the direction of His heart. I think about the amazing people He has placed in my life to mentor me and speak truth and life into me. Teaching me how to live a Christ filled life that is full and alive and not bound by the rules and expectations we put on ourselves. Because in Christ there is freedom and hope….not condemnation and shame. Its one thing to know these things, we all do, but the beauty comes from truly grasping this and living a life transformed. I am thankful this season that God is control of my life and that He is showing me daily the true peace and joy that are available to me as His daughter….Merry Christmas!

Tate as a fireman and Jon Walt as Batman for Halloween!

Jon Walt and his best buddy and partner in crime…Wells

The Trick or Treating Hayride

My sweet husband pulled the hayride with a load of kiddos! It was a fun Halloween

Fun times Trick or Treating…


Tate and his sweet friend James

One of our favorite stops….All of the kids with their sweet principal at their school.

My best friend, Andrea and my husband photo bombing our picture!

Thanksgiving 2012

All of the cousins….All of My sister and I’s kids! Can’t believe they are all smiling at the same time. Love these sweet kids.

Thanksgiving day we always go by Mills grave on the way to my parents and have prayer thanking God for our family and our blessings. One of our greatest blessings was Mills. I love seeing my children’s tender hearts during this time. So special.


Lots of fun times ahead with Christmas! It is truly the most wonderful time of the year!



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