More than two thousand years ago, the world ached for salvation, swelled with yearning for deliverance, redemption, restoration…for a Savior to rescue from sin and death. And He came…a baby King, born in a lowly stable on a quiet night to a peasant girl and her betrothed…a carpenter. He was in the still, small voice when He whispered past Elijah. And He was in the quiet stable birth when He came to rescue us and sent His angels to tell the shepherds the good news.

His name is Jesus…and He came for me.

His name is Jesus…and He came for you.

And now thousands of years later, we are far from that night in the stable, and yet we still  find ourselves yearning for that inner HOPE that only He can fill. We live in a world of hopelessness. In the midst of a country filled with school shooters, sexual predators, and people immuned to hearing about Jesus. A country full of broken people who come from broken stories and desperately need Jesus to fill our hearts with peace and HOPE. And in that hope lies the answer to the question we all long to know. That no matter what happens in this crazy life, and no matter how bad we have messed up, He came for us.

And Because He came…there is hope for tomorrow and a promise of a joyful, forever reunion. He will wipe away all of the tears and wash away the loss and regret. He will cleanse and forgive and clothe us in robes of white. The empty arms will be filled. The hungry hearts will be fed. Brokenness will be restored. Mourning will be turned to dancing. And sin and death will be no more. Because He came…He will carry us through this life. And because He came…He will come again…in all His glory…to take us home.

So as I tucked my sleepy headed boys into bed last night, they could barely contain their excitement. I was reminded how precious this time is and how much I love being their mommy. May you take this time with your family to celebrate His birth and also what His birth means in your own life every day! We are so blessed and grateful that He came to make ALL things new!!

Merry Christmas!!


Christmas Morning 2012

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