About Me

I am a 30-something wife and mother of 3 little boys and live in Florence Alabama. Our boys are….Tate(6), Jon Walt(3) and Mills, who passed away at 6 weeks old in May 2010. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and together we have a perfectly imperfect marriage, a loving family that supports us so much, some amazing friends that challenge us to dig deeper, one annoyingly cute 4 lb yorkie, Sweetie Girl, and two English Setter bird dogs. I love nothing more than a good book, the change of seasons, SEC football…War Eagle… and a sunny summer day on the boat with my family! I am a committed follower of God’s redemptive ways and His abundant grace and mercy. I have been given a second chance at this one life and with that comes a new heart, a renewed mind and a revived spirit.

This is our story…we don‘t have it all together…and we are far from ever having life figured out. Mills taught us about living life with an eternal perspective. It is how we strive to live daily. He brought heaven as close as a whisper to us and showed us how desperately we need Jesus every day. My deepest heart’s desire is to take what I have been through and use it to inspire and encourage others that there is incredible hope and great joy after tragedy and loss. I want nothing more than to touch those who are hurting, love on those who are in need, and lift up those who are broken….because that is what has been done for me. I want to see myself and others the way Jesus sees us. I want to find the good in all situations and in all people and make a difference in this world, one step at a time. All for Him.

So this is me, a work in progress. I fall, I make mistakes daily, I speak before thinking, react before processing, judge before knowing, want without needing, forget to thank, forget to ask, forget that grace is freely given for me through that.

But God reminds me, Grace is mine. A gift to take new every single day. So I humbly receive it, and am so grateful that He’s not finished with me yet!